Telling a Story to Attract New Talent

One of the fastest growing, most diverse cities in Iowa, West Des Moines desired a streamlined approach to marketing itself and telling its story to prospective businesses, employers, and citizens through digital, social, and web channels.


The city desired to better understand what current residents thought made West Des Moines the ideal place to work and live. It also wanted to develop materials and a strategy to attract both new businesses looking to move or expand and the highly educated workforce they require.


Metre executed a research campaign utilizing community wide surveys, focus groups, and interviews to develop key themes, identify key desires, and inform the creation of marketing and creative materials.


The existing GoWest brand was refined and expanded to better attract a web-savvy, millennial workforce and complement a robust strategic messaging framework that provided key messaging for business and workforce attraction. In Spring 2020, a redesign of the campaign website was initiated to simplify and modernize its style and messaging. As the city’s growth continues to outpace others in the area, the web, digital, and social tools created will prove invaluable to city officials, talent attraction and human resources professionals, and others looking to move to the area.