Embracing a Philosophy of Love+Medicine

Gundersen Health System fully embraces a philosophy of Love+Medicine. Doctors, nurses, and the entire clinic and hospital staff serve patients with a unique passion and commitment. Gundersen is partnering with Metre to help better understand a rapidly changing patient population and to navigate a challenging COVID-19 advertising landscape.


Gundersen needed to better understand its rapidly changing patients and connect them to the services and healthcare options they wanted in ways that were meaningful, convenient, and unique to them.


The way consumers are interacting with healthcare providers is changing. Customers are expecting higher levels of service and responsiveness than ever before. Information is expected at the speed of technology. Healthcare providers need to create relationships with their prospective patients, rather than selling products and services based on profitability models.


Following an extensive research project aimed at identifying and understanding eight audience segments, Metre developed and helped Gundersen launch a large-scale campaign at the beginning of 2020 with early positive results. Shortly after the launch of the campaign, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The new campaign helped Gundersen quickly react to the needs of each segment and develop new messaging based on each group’s unique needs, concerns, and preferences.